Changing the color of your bbs name when connecting.

The name says it all!

  • Courtesy of Don27Dog of Uzisuicide

    Changing the color of your bbs name when connecting.

    Double click inside of Dopus.
    Edit line BBS_NAME=

    AMIKIT (When editing with amikit)
    Left Windows key Esc, editing the .info with dopus works.
    (To produce the esc character inside of amikit)

    Real Amiga Hardware (When editing with real Amiga hardware)
    (To produce the esc character on a real Amiga)

    BBS_NAME=esc[1;32;44m YOUR BBS NAME esc[0m

    Ansi Codes

    Text attributes
    0 All attributes off
    1 Bold on
    4 Underscore (on monochrome display adapter only)
    5 Blink on
    7 Reverse video on
    8 Concealed on

    Foreground colors
    30 Black
    31 Red
    32 Green
    33 Yellow
    34 Blue
    35 Magenta
    36 Cyan
    37 White

    Background colors
    40 Black
    41 Red
    42 Green
    43 Yellow
    44 Blue
    45 Magenta
    46 Cyan
    47 White

    Good Luck!
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