Amiexpress /X BBS

Player 1 shot the food

— Gauntlet Video Game

Community of users from the old BBS warez scene preserving memories of the good old Amiga Amiexpress days.

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AmiExpress BBS – also known as /X – by Synthetic Technologies was a popular BBS software application for the Commodore Amiga line of computers. AmiExpress was extremely popular among the warez scene for trading (exchanging) software.[1][2]
AmiExpress was created and updated between 1992 and 1995. Originally written by Michael Thomas of Synthetic Technologies and later sold to Joseph Hodge of Lightspeed Technologies. Mike Thomas worked on AmiExpress for about two years, modelling the software after the commercial PC BBS software PCBoard. He first ran a BBS on PCBoard on a PC himself, but he was not happy with the PC platform in general and decided to make a comparable product on the Amiga.[3]
A Usenet post (by /X author Joseph Hodge) later stated that both programming on /X and the developer company (LightSpeed Technologies Inc.) were to be dissolved, with plans for a new bulletin board system – Millennium BBS. This never surfaced.

/X BBS’s currently online:

Uzi Suicide – Telnet:

Masturbation Station – Telnet:

The Edge – Telnet: Port 1541

Spatula City – Telnet:

Death Row – Telnet:

Fastline – Telnet: Port: 1541

Darkstar – Telnet:

Connect to the Masturbation Station BBS running Amiexpress 4.20
Back from the early 90’s with it’s original Ascii’s, one of the Elitest Boards in its day.