TRSI Multi-checker vs Neutron Multichecker

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  • TRSI Multi-check v1.6 (TRSI-M16.LHA) vs Neutron Multichecker (NTR-MCHK.LHA)

    TRSI Multi-check v1.6
    Covers the following compression types:
    LZX/LHA/ZIP/TXT (Does not cover LZH)
    Creates a txt file with your add in it.
    Will ask for the name of the text file to create.
    Example: advert.txt

    Neutron Multichecker
    Covers the following:
    Creates a random named text file, looks like gibberish with your bbs ad in it.

    Neutron covers all the compression types but I am not a fan of how it creates bbs ads.
    I user TRSi for the main compression types and then Neutron for the rest.

    I hope this helps!

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