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Thu May 01, 2014 9:22 pm

  • Project: Sysop in a Minute or more.
    Current Version: v.03

    Yes, that is the best name I could come up with at the spur of the moment.
    Basically it's Amiexpress in a Zip file with everything needed to run your BBS over the internet via telnet using Amikit.
    It is in the alpha stage and it took me a while to get it working.
    Documentation on Amiexpress is horrible and every archive is a mashup of versions and missing files.

    This archive will attempt to put up a couple of various solid verisons.
    Clean install with out any 3rd part addons, and one with all the bells and whistles.
    The files are a combination of 4.00 and 4.20.

    Known Bugs
    It looks like the maximum number of telnet nodes has been reached using 2 nodes.
    Once another node is added, telnet starts behaving odd.

    Change Log

    Fixed issues with Fcheck pointing to old checkers whoch do no exist and added some file checking doors.

    Fixed corrupted userdata files, would give you an error when creating users.
    Fixed the average security level to 50. (Default for the /X community)
    Removed ACP (Amiexpress Control Panel from wbstartup), added run command to user-startup.

    Upload/Download has been tested
    Extra character happens when using built in windows telenet, please use Syncterm.
    Added batchfiles for logoff processing
    Added doors (look inside doors folder)
    There are 3 different last callers doors running, you can pick which one you would like to keep by editing the bacth inside bbs:
    Added Conferences
    Added Modified Computer List
    Added Screens
    Ton of other things I can't remember.

    Upload/Download has not been tested.
    An extra character appears before you enter login password.

    Any help on configuring or testing is greatly appreciated!

    The goal is to get a community of BBS's back up and running.

    Patience and No Life

    User database has been wiped, so you will need to create a new user.
    You might find some data in the callers log, not of any importance it will sort itself out once receive calls.


    Step.1 - Installing Amikit
    First Install Amikit!
    Don't forget to have an ISO of Amiga OS 3.9 handy for Amikit.

    Step.2 Creating a new parition because of an Amiexpress Hard Drive space limitation.
    Amiexpress will check available space before you upload and it will error out.
    The size limitation seems to be around 2gb.
    There is a second upload path in your BBS directory labeled Upload2.
    This will be located in your amikit directory, on a partition that can be of any size.
    This will allow you to have as many gigs of data you like.
    In the future you will need to manually move over data from the regular upload folder to upload2.
    Amiexpress will not try to upload to this 2nd path if you have space available on Upload path 1(2gb Partition).
    It is a work around to the space issue.

    --------------[READ THIS PART CAREFULLY, WILL SAFE YOU HEADACHES]---------------------
    Create a new partition on your hard drive under 2 gigs.
    For example create a new parition in Windows -> Start Button - > Control Panel -> System and Security
    -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management

    You can probably just select your first hard drive, Right click and shrink.
    With the new Unallocated Space, Right Click and Create a new Simple Voulme.
    Select the defaults for everything, Next and assign the drive letter J: (It can be anything just dont forget, to mount this as mentioned above in Amikit)

    Copy the BBS directory here to J:

    Setup Drives on Amikit
    An amikit configuration file has been included with the defaults mentioned above.
    Located inside the amikit directory labeled amikit.uae
    You can bypass everything below if you wish to use the config file.

    Launch Amikit
    Configure Winuae
    Select Hard Drives
    Leave the default mount of AK0:
    Add Directory or Archive
    Device Name: DH0:
    Read/Write Bootable both checked (Default)
    Volume Label: Amiexpress
    Path: J

    Add Another Directory or Archive
    Device Name: DH1:
    Read/Write Bootable both checked (Default)
    Volume Label: BBS2
    Path: c:\Amikit\Amikit\BBS2 (Default Amikit Install with the added BBS2 path)

    Edit S:user-startup
    This assuming you have everything set to the amikit defaults.
    Amikit drive AK0:
    Add the following lines to the very end:


    ;BEGIN Genesis
    assign AmiTCP: "SYS:Internet/Genesis"
    ;END Genesis

    Assign BBS: DH0:BBS/
    Assign BBS2: DH1:
    resident express BBS:express
    path BBS:Utils/ BBS:C/ SYS:Rexxc/ add
    assign Doors: bbs:doors/
    run bbs:acp


    Copy and replace the directories located in your zip file.
    (It is ok to replace everything.)

    Copy the following directories/files to the root of amikit. (Replace)



    Startup Amikit and run it and your nodes should load up perfectly fine.

    This is a work in progress and various revisions will be made.

    Visit us at
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  • I am getting a error message that these two files are damaged.
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  • Must be something wrong on your end, I just downloaded and test both of them and they worked fine.
    Please try testing it on another machine to confirm.
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  • I've just downloaded these and tested them, both seem fine.
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